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… wish you all a Happy New Year! First things first.

To start the New Year here’s a short blog – showcasing some Christmassy pictures of my latest trip to London, some events not to be missed and even a few tips on “free” things to do when in London. ‘Cause we all know: the New Year traditionally starts being broke after all the Christmas shopping and NYE partying has been done.

So, to start the New Year WITHOUT having to think of that empty wallet burning in your pocket, haunting you in your dreams, making you feel miserable…. here a couple of things that I’d do if I were in London right now and that wouldn’t necessarily cost you money:

… explore the galleries in East London to see what all those hidden places have in store, to find new artists and designers that put a smile on your face.
Every first Thursday of the month a lot of museums and galleries are open until 9pm. It’s not just visiting a gallery or museum – there’s lots of other activities and the atmosphere is lovely!
You can jump on the free bus that stops at the top exhibitions, join a tour or simply enjoy strolling around East London and find it all out for yourself.


… probably become a volunteer at the South Bank Mosaics! I’ve mentioned them before and as I loved their work on the website I had to pay them a visit during my last London-trip. And so I did. And I bought this lovely little mosaic:

I like to believe it waited for me for, as some people might know, music is a huge part of my life.

Even the location of Southbank Mosaics is a treat – located in the basement of St John’s Crypt it feels like your going on a secret exploring trip. And then you come in their workshop/gallery and you get to see the most beautiful art works and even….people at work!
While I was there, someone told me that you could participate as a volunteer. Every Thursday evening there are possibilities to come ’round and show them your skills. First they teach you how mosaic works and then, when you – finally – got the skills, you can do a training and eventually you might even get to work on their masterpieces as well. Exciting! I think it’s a very calming thing to do, because you have to be very concentrated putting al those tiny pieces into place…. does that sound like logic? Well, if I lived in London you’d know where to find me on the second Thursday night of January.

Whether you’d like to become a volunteer or not, I still highly recommend a trip to their gallery.
Oh, and if you’re intending to pay them a visit – don’t skip the yard surrounding the church.

Here you can read a bit more on the volunteering plan:

And here you’ll find some locations in the area, where you’ll find some more mosaic art:

… go and see some mime shows at the MimeLondon festival. With a background in theatre and currently working for a mime theatre company, I couldn’t possibly miss out on this! And I promise you: mime isn’t all about invisible doors and white gloves. Go see it for yourselves.
Now this does cost money, but the bright side is the prices never will come close to West End Production Prices 😉

MimeLondon Festival
11th – 29th of January, 2012

Now here are some pictures I’ve taken while in London, some of them being things I’ve mentioned on earlier blogs:

Here it is, my own shot of the infamous LEGO Christmas tree. An amazing piece of…tree to watch!

at St. Pancras

I also spotted a bunch of Santa on, and this is no joke, Noel Street and another tree caught my eye:

In my last blog I wrote about the VIP-shopping-day on the 10th of December. No cars, buses, bikes to be found on Oxford and Regent Street. Pure shopping bliss.
I was brave enough to go and have a look and I can tell you: it was frightening! Shopping was even harder and, dare I say it, more life threataning than during “normal” Saturdays on Oxford and Regent.
But I managed to push the button of my camera, so here’s the proof:


Am I the only one thinking so, or is this certain “shop” on Oxford street always “closing”, whether it’s in April, July or December… Next time I’m in London it will still be there I bet. But do correct me if I’m wrong: is it finally closed? If so, take a picture and send it to me!!

I do actually believe the name of the shop is “Store Closing”.

I have to say, I liked the Christmas lights on Monmouth street better than those on Oxford street:

But that might as well be because I didn’t see the Oxford street lights after sunset – I didn’t dare to go back there…

Next blog I’ll bring you some East End Love and Cazcarra news, but for now:

Enjoy Bloody London in 2012!!!