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With Queenie Liz reigning the UK for 60 years this year, it’s time for some Proper Partying. And are the British good at that!
By accident I’ve chosen the right time for my next London trip; arriving the 1st of June I’ve only time left for one beauty sleep before the Partying commences.
Street Parties will pop up everywhere, boats will float, lights will be lit.

It’s gonna be good, I’m sure. Your Queen can be proud of you.

My Jubi-list is filled in, let’s order some sunshine, put up the bunting and get those Parties started….
Here’s a short overview of what I’ll be doing when I’m next in London:

Row, row, row your boat

On Sunday over one thousand boats will muster on the River Thames and they will be joined by…. Her Majesty Miss Liz! That’s the Queen, if you didn’t get that by now.
The formal river procession will be between 2pm and 6pm, starting upriver of Battersea Bridge and finishing downriver of Tower Bridge. You can spot this procession of boats from Hammersmith and Battersea – where they start – all the way to Tower Bridge and West India Docks (where they’ll disperse).
I think it’s gonna be a colourful event on that lovely river Thames. The procession will cover quiet a good length of the Thames, so there will be places on the river banks to watch from aplenty!
Bring your flags, a couple of chairs and some jugs of Pimm’s – even if you don’t get to see Lizzy, you’ll have an amazing time.

The Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant is Sunday the 3rd of June
If you wish to see the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant from a riverside pub, have a look at this list made by “Design my Night”:


Don’t forget your lunch, love!

Lots of people throughout the UK will be organising Big Jubilee Lunches with their neighbours on June 3rd.

Same in London!

If there are no lunches in your neighbourhood, you and your neighbours must be ever so slightly boring…
No, just kidding. If you wanna be part of a lunch, then heading down to these lunches might just be the answer:

The Big Jubilee Lunch at Old Royal Naval College
In Greenwich they now how to throw a Lunch Party.
From 12pm – 5pm you can come down to the Old Royal Naval College with or without your own picnic to enjoy vintage and craft stalls, life entertainment and good food at the river banks.

The location is amazing and you will be able to sit at the longest ever lunch table. A lunch table of two-thirds of a mile!

Nearest tube: Cutty Sark
Free event, unless you forget to bring your lunch.

Piccadilly Big Jubilee Lunch

This amazing lunch event takes place from Piccadilly Circus to the top of St. James’s street – with Fortnum and Mason, The Ritz, The Royal Academy of Arts and many more being part of the organisation, this should be a cracker!

You can bring your own or buy a lunch at the site. A 500 seat street table will be the centre of the picnic; to be sure you and your friends can sit down, remember there is a booking-construction. You can book seats at the table for an hour, to be booked on the day itself.

Nearest tube: Piccadilly Circus
Again: Free event, unless you forget to bring your lunch.

Festival Away if you can!

Not really a Diamond Jubilee, but also a Jubilee worth celebrating: the 6th edition of Field Day Festival!
When? Saturday June 2
Where? In Victoria Park.

And that’s JUST AROUND THE CORNER from where I’m staying. I’m not complaining. And even better: I got my ticket in tha pocket! Now let the us dance the Sun Dance.

Massive line up – too much to mention – and tickets are still available, so head down to http://www.fielddayfestivals.com/line-up/ and purchase your very own ticket. See you there!

Get your Knees Up

One of the best Knees Up’s this Jubileelalulay-weekend must be The Book Club‘s street party… Correct me if I’m wrong. Oh wait, I’m not!

Just like that wedding party last year, this Knees Up is gonna be massive. Again. With screens showing the procession on the Thames. And also with music, drinks and food and all that. On Leonard street and at the Leonard street car park.

Surprise: entree is free.

So let me repeat: it’s gonna be MASSIVE!
Sunday the 3rd of June. Make sure you’ll be there.

The gates will open at 12pm and from 8pm the party will continue inside. If you don’t have a wristband yet, come in time to get in line for a wristband to get entry.


Lighting of the Beacons

On Monday the 4th of June more than 4,000 Diamond Jubilee beacons will be lit across the globe in celebration of the Queen’s 60-year reign. So open your eyes because somewhere near you lights will start to shine…

For all lighting times:

Dance the Day Away….

Also on the 4th of June: The Water Poet Diamond Jubilee street party! Another chance to party. So in case you’ve missed all the other parties or simply haven’t finished yet: put up your crown and enjoy an East End style Knees Up! Vintage hair and make up, home made pies, good music and ales – it’s all there. On the streets. On a Monday!

Midday – 11 pm, admission: free
After 6pm the party continues inside, until 11pm.


Bunting up my alley!

I have a soft spot for bunting. Yes, it’s true: BUNTING.
I love how all streets in the UK can be turned into festive places, just by putting up beautiful bunting.

Maybe my obsession comes from the fact that in The Netherlands you’ll only see orange plastic flags when there’s soccer going on. Who knows… What I know for sure is that I just love British Bunting. It makes me happy.

I know to bunt means something totally different. But my bunting-obsession actually goes this far that I think all the rights for the verb to bunt should go to putting up flags to decorate the streets.

Anyone with me?

Example of a conversation about bunting:

I’ve been bunting up the street all morning. Have you bunted up your street yet? You can use my ladder and push-pins!”


But back to business: You can make me even happier!
How? By taking pictures of the cutest, best or most creative bunting you find during the Jubilee festivities!!
Email, facebook or tweet me your pictures and the best I’ll post here on If I were in London right now…

I cannot wait to see your shots! Here are some of mine:

Now I’ve got to finish packing my suitcase.
Passport: check;
Toothbrush: check;
Bunting: check!

To London I’d say: I see you very soon…
To Queenie Liz (this is pure politeness): here’s to another 60 years!
And to everyone in the UK: have an amazing Jubilee Weekend!!

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Yes, there is an amazing Lost in London Magazine offer! The first 4 issues for the price of only 3:


No more excuses not to be the proud owner of this fantastic and inspiring magazine. End off.

Enjoy London and see you soon!

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