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Twitter, twitter; what shall I say… For my blogs I use it on a frequent base. And I enjoy it. My private twitter-account; well, I just follow. That may say a lot about me…? Who knows.
But the moment Twitter gets all my kudos is when I discover new organisations, facts, pictures and meet people who all have one thing in common: a profound passion for London. People find my blogs, I find new blog topics – which is handy when your not based in the town that is your blog-topic. In this case it is actually great fun. Twitter. At times.
And this brings me to the inspiration for this blog post. It came Thursday the 31st of Janurary 2013, 1pm. I got a mention (someone “mentions” you, which means as much as “sends you a public message in Twitter-land”). From @L_MPS. Saying “3 important mural events this weekend #SouthLondon”. And a link.

Murals? Events?? My curious nature has me investigating @L_MPS straight away.

And they have me hooked, the London Mural Preservation Society. As their name might suggest, the LMPS is dedicated to preserve and highlight London’s murals. This they do through protecting the memory and history of the murals and, where necessary and if funding allows, restoring these murals. LMPS started only a short while ago, in 2010, and are growing fast. In their researches they work together with the creators, the communities and volunteers. On the LMPS website a large collection of London’s murals can be found. Each already researched mural has its own chapter in which the (hi)story of the mural is told and where you can find pictures and the location of the mural. Even the colour-schemes of the colours used in the murals are added. Imagine wanting to use the colours of your favourite mural in your new house…? Very handy indeed!

I love murals! If it weren’t for my bad drawing and painting skills, I would go out with my bucket of paint in the left and brushes in the right to brighten up the walls of Amsterdam myself. And when in London I try to snapshot as many murals as possible. How about this one, in Dalston…:

On my way to work and look what I found - Dalston Junction.

On my way to work and look what I found – Dalston Junction.

Probably because I love murals, I can’t help but being absolutely lyrical about initiatives such as LMPS. Which is why they get all my kudos today:

Dear LMPS, once I live in London again I’ll join in as a volunteer. Mind you, I’ll stick to only painting the vast blue skies vast and blue again so no harm can be done…

Meanwhile, I can only write about it. So when I received the tweet this afternoon, that was what I did. And in doing so, I hope I’ve managed to make you-bunch-of-readers curious and enthusiastic enough to block this Saturday and help LMPS! ‘Cause that’s what they actually tweeted: this Saturday the 2nd of February, is Super-Mural-Saturday and volunteers are welcome.

If you’re not available this Saturday, because of the simple fact you read this blog on the 26th of May 2014: you can still restore murals or help out in many other ways! LMPS is not funded but is expanding. Not funded + is expanding = donations are welcome. They also need actively involved volunteers. So whether you want to donate or volunteer, visit their website anyway: www.londonmuralpreservationsociety.com