Moving on…

2015 comes with some needed change. Time to move on after a long radio-silence.

London. A place on the planet that stole my heart and after having lived there in 2011 I started If I were in London right now, sharing my favourite places and hidden gems right here, with you. You could say London is a project of mine. Or at least, writing about it.

And so, as of January 2015, If I were in London right now will be part of Tessie’s Projects – the place on the internet where I tell about my projects and share my figments. The old blog will keep on existing. However, when I feel the urge to share some London-related stuff I will do so at Tessie’s Projects. If you don’t like the content of Tessie’s Project, let me tell you the London-related stuff will be neatly categorised under If I were in London right now. No need to scroll through all the other jibber jabber that comes out of my hands.
Some things won’t change: the arrival of a new post will still be announced on the facebook page of If I were in London right now – so stay tuned!